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About Us:

ACW Masonry has been serving Seattle and the greater Puget Sound Area as a masonry contractor for over 12 years. We are locally owned and operated from Covington Washington in Southeast King County. Our goals are to provide our customers with quality masonry craftsmanship, well informed and reliable masonry services, while offering you affordable pricing for your masonry needs. 

Our expert masons have years of work experience, and receive extensive and continuous training in all aspects of masonry construction. We stay up to date with new masonry techniques and use solid proven ones, all while maintaining a strong working knowledge of Seattle and Washington's masonry building codes. We work on homes and commercial businesses. Preform all types of masonry repairs, services, and restorations. On all types of masonry structures. 

As one of Seattle's most qualified masonry contractors, we have been involved in the construction of many different masonry projects. Including Masonry Repair, Chimney Repair, Fireplace Repair, Brick Repair, Brick Masonry, Stone Masonry, Tuck Pointing, Masonry Remodel, Cultured Stone, Stone Veneer. Our work reflects our appreciation and love of masonry. Let our team at  ACW Masonry help you with all your masonry needs. 

Please consider the many masonry services that we offer, then give us a call for a free estimate at 425-238-8616 or email us at


About the owner:

Hello, and thank you for visiting our site. My name is Andrew C. Wheeler. I am lifelong Washington resident and a fourth generation masonry contractor. I started ACW Masonry to continue a family tradition of excellence in masonry. It is also my intention to provide a valuable service to the Seattle area community that allows me to share my affection for this ancient trade.

My early experience in masonry construction started in high school. Every summer I was worked side by side with my farther and what started as a summer job soon turned into a true passion. I liked the way brick and stone felt in my hands. I enjoyed being outdoors, and I loved the creative outlet and challenge. There is great sense of accomplishment that comes from creating a new stone wall, repairing a broken chimney, or restoring an old brick building. I still feel that way today. After graduating high school I started a four year apprenticeship. Learning how to properly build, repair, and restore everything masonry. Including skills many so-called masons have lost. Like how to build a real wood burning fireplace. Or the proper way to repair a chimney top, skills I still use today.

I also learned the importance of always doing my best work, giving the customer what they want, and being honest with them in everything. A way of doing business that always kept me successful and my customers happy. This is what I always strive to accomplish. Masonry continues to fascinate me. I believe that no other material can rival masonry. Providing beauty, form, and function all at once. It brings warmth into a home, gives grace to an exterior, and provides balance for landscaping.

Its appeal is universal. Masonry lends a ( je ne sais quoi ) to every application. Its is a privilege to be in this trade and I am proud to be a Seattle masonry contractor. Giving life to new masonry projects and helping to preserve historical Seattle masonry is what I love to do. It would be my pleasure to assist you with your masonry needs.

Please continue to browse our website and then give us a call at 425-238-8616 or email us at                                    

Sincerely, Andrew C Wheeler.



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